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Why you need Linkedin Endorsements in the first place? 

As of today, only first-degree connections are allowed to endorse you. Your first goal must be to connect with your potential costumers or employers.

There is no “Push Button Solution”  It is a process that takes you from signing up on linkedin to closing deals or getting your dream job.

Build your Personal brand and authority instead of begging recruiters to invite you for an interview. And for that you need a killer Linkedin Resume that stands out from the crowd.



Pro Tip:-  Hire Boomsa, to create a perfect Linkedin Resume for yourself. She has  10,000  reviews. She is  a Super Seller and Certified Resume Writer with 15+ years of experience working for industry leaders as a Senior Recruiter and have completed award-winning resumes for clients all over the globe.

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Convert your profile visitors into Leads

You have 10 seconds to give a clear picture to your profile visitors and let him/her decide to connect with you or not.

So what information your average profile visitors want:-

What do you do?

What are you looking for?

How can you help them?

Execrating your skills and experience can result in un-related contacts and are going to end up nowhere. Be honest and straight forward.

Linkedin bio and Summary is the second and third content that your visitors notice. Now, i am not going to discuss what type of photo you should upload to LinkedIn it is very basic stuff.

Lets jump to your bio and summary.

Linkedin bio or tagline is a one liner that backup the whole theme of your profile. Write your current designation, achievements or any awards.

It can be short 2,3 words or an one-liner. it totally depends on your experience and skill set. If you are just starting out, you can use 3,4 words bio.

Make sure you to use all characters in your Profile summary. That way, you can optimize your profile for a lot of keywords in Linkedin.

Linkdin summary writing



If you are not good at writing, i recommend mekajay16

She can write clear, compelling and engaging Linkedin Profile Summaries that showcase your true value. 


Having 500+ connections and 99+ endorsement on your top skills gives a very good first impression. Read my article on Linkedin Endorsements to learn how exactly you can increase them. If you don’t have time to do it yourself, you can grab our Linkedin Bundle offer in which we provide Thousands of Connections, endorsements, and recommendations from our LION network.  

 Promote your Linkedin Profile on Scale.

Now you have great looking Bio Summary and Linkedin Resume. Its time to promote your profile and get traction!

The key is to connect with potential customers or employers that might be interested to hire you. Its time to Start sending connection request to relevant users on Linkedin  

You can do it manually or use any software. There are pro’s and cons of Linkedin automation.

Tactic #1

Mass visit profile of your potential connections to get noticed. Use a tool called Dox Soup. and visit 500 users a day. Even if 3% of them visit you back and send a connection request, you get 15 connection requests daily for almost doing nothing!

Tactic #2

Hire a virtual assistant to write a customized intro message. if you write a costume intro message, it can increase your acceptance rate dramatically.

I advise to write intro message for only Top level connections that you think are going to convert in any way so you can invest time to write a costume intro. Other than that, you can get away with partly customized intro messages. You can use software called dominator to pretty much automate all your Linkedin marketing. This is very powerful tool and can save a lot of time if you use it correctly.

Building your Personal brand and Authority

Most LinkedIn users create a stunning profile and just wait for recruiters and potential customers to find them.

Obviously, this can happen but why not take advantage of your industry knowledge to build your authority? Build your Personnal brand

When you write a content piece on a subject, you brand yourself as an authority on the subject matter. And linkedin is created to promote content that people want to read and share.

For example, if you are an SEO expert want to get some clients from Linkedin. Share SEO techniques, case studies and other educating content via linkedin status.

 Find other status about SEO, write a relevant comment and provide a link to your status. That also give you free traffic and build your overall brand and authority in the subject matter.

Network in your Industry related Events

You can use events in your industry to promote your personal brand. And you can drive traffic to your LinkedIn account as well.

John Doe

Convert your Linkedin Profile into a business card that supports QR Code. And distribute the card in industry-related conferences and events. This might help you to bring more clients and sharing your Linkedin Profile using a business card really gives you a competitive edge and you’ll be reminded for quite long time.