Best Linkedin Automation tools in 2018

When you decide to automate your linkedin marketing, you have lot of options to choose from. There are lot of software and solutions in the market. Every one has their own pros and cons and it can be quite difficult for a newbie to decide which one is the best.

Well, it overall depends on your goals. If you want to keep the quality and only automate a specific portion of your work than you might need a different software tool. So first decide on what you can compromise and which portion you’d like to keep for yourself. 

Today we are going to discuss best tools that can help you to accelerate your growth in Linkedin.

So lets get started:-

1) Linkedin Sales Navigator  is a paid version of linkedin. You can get access to advance lead and company search. You can get discover most targeted people using that are related to your industry through sales navigator. Linkedin Sales Navigator

There are lot of other features of Sales navigator included but not limited to CRM Integration, Real Time Sales Updates, Notes and Tags, Who’s viewed your profile and lot of other key insights.

2) Linkedin Dominator  is a great linkedin automation tool that can help you in range of different tasks in linkeidn.

Linkedin Dominator

You can add connection based on keywords automatically, endorse skills of your connections and so many other tasks. Visit their website to learn more about Linkedin Dominator software. 

3) eGrabber is a software which helps you to find out missing information about your prospects. For example, you have a list of leads and you want to find company name, phone number and email address. You can use this simple tool to capture all this information with just one Click.


This tool is awesome when you have leads coming in from variety  of different sources. You can combine them in eGrabber and find the most important information for your sales team.

4) InboardPro is a cloud based linkedin marketing software.You can pretty much automate all your linkedin marketing using inboardpro.

Inboard Pro


The software is quite affordable if you just want to get started. It Cost only $15.00


There are tons of other tools that can help you to automate and delegate your tasks. You must keep in mind that using these type of software can be quite dangerous for your personal profile. 

If you get your profile banned, you loose all connections and trust. 

So make sure you always use third party accounts with these software. So you dont have to worry about getting banned all the time.

Hiring a VA automate the ” Automation” 


We all know time is money. So why not hire a Virtual Assistant that can take care of these software tools and run them on your behalf. You can hire a very good talented VA at a minimum 3$ per hour and train them to run these software tools. 

These software tools are almost automated but it need time to setup and maintenance. So why not outsource this work to a third world country and scale your growth to the next level.

There are cheap resources availalbe on Upwork, Fiverr and People Per Hour.

Thats pretty much it. Let me know if you have any ideas to discuss. Comment Below!