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 1) 500 Linkedin Endorsements On your Top 20 Skills. You can roughly 20 new endorsements on each Skill.Skill Endorsements

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c) Upto 1,000 Linkedin Connections, we will provide you with multiple lists totaling over 25,000 unique individuals on LinkedIn. Many of these are C-Level executives and Directors Imagine the impact of applying for a new position, or contacting a potential lead and having a direct connection to their boss in your social network.  You have to upload the list according to our instructions and you’ll get up to 1,000 New Linkedin Connections!  Value $40


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 You’ll be asked to provide your Linkedin Url after you create the account and place your order with us. The service is outlined as ” Marketing Plane” but you get 500 endorsements, 5 recommendations, and 1,000 connections as well.
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