Getting inbound leads from Linkedin – Case Study

We always treat social media channels as outbound sales platform. Take Example of linkedin, you can pretty much send connection requests, send in-mails and even run paid ads on linkedin. Which is outbound marketing.  

But i have been using linkedin as inbound marketing tool. Probably you can call it “Hybrid” between inbound and outbound.

So here is how i landed 5 SEO clients within one month using Linkedin using inbound marketing strategy. 

1. Increasing your connections 

The mots important thing is adding the right people in your network. The quantity of connections does not matters, the quality does. So what i asked My VA to send 50-80 connection requests per day to SEO agencies across the globe. My goal was to provide them white labeled SEO service.

We sent personalized introduction messages to each new connection. My acceptance rate was 70% so we were getting 30-40 new connections every day.

2) Building Trust and Authority

After a week we had a good amount of connections to work with. Although my VA was working on sending connections daily. I decided to focus on content marketing myself. So here is what i did:-

Since i am quite aware of SEO industry. I started sharing my SEO case studies, learning and process through linkedin posts.

Since i had just a few hundred connections. My posts were not getting traction as i expected. I decided to promote my post using comments. i searched other Linkedin user posts in my industry and started commenting on their post and provided a link to my own post where necessary. This helped me to gain even more views, and inbound connection requests.  

 3) Creating the workflow

My VA was working on connection requests on daily basis and sending 60 connections every day. And i decided to focus on posts and comments. as outlined above.

Guess What?  In total 30 days we :-

  1. Sent 1,200 Connection Requests. (800 were accepted) 
  2. Posted 23 Linkedin Posts
  3. 900 Status comments on other users 


One of my Linkedin Post went viral and got about 55,000 views and 200 comments. On average, i got 1500 views one each post. Got 800 new connections through my VA’s work. And got 20 inbound connections. We closed 5 clients and 4 out of them were inbound leads! 

Now what it suggests ? People that connected with me directly were inspired from the content i posted. Thats the power of content marketing. You educate your potential costumer and offer them help. This frame you as an authority on the subject matter.


There is no right or wrong way doing lead generation from Linkedin. But you understand the power of inbound leads vs outbound leads.  The key is to educate your costumer and they will always come to you asking for help even if you do not offer it at first place.

Do not go through content route if you have total blank profile. Create some connections, get some recommendations and skills endorsements from your circle. Linkedin algorithm is very user friendly, they promote content that users like. If you post a linkedin status and someone like, share or comment that post, all connections of that specific person can see the activity. This way, you post can get viral very easily if your content is good.