5 Reasons Why Everyone Is Learning Social Selling via Linkedin These Days!

Everyone is looking for new ways to generate more leads for their business.  Thats why lot of professionals joining linkedin to show case their product and services. 

Today we are going to discuss why everyone is jumping in social selling via Linkedin. 

1) Quick Sales Cycle 

Research suggest that selling via social media channels has a very quick sales cycle. The main reason is that you can quickly get recommendation about that specific person you are dealing with. This build a huge trust which result in closing sales quite often.

2) Your Live work portfolio

In traditional methods you have to prove your capability of skills you portray. In Linkedin or any other platform you dont need to do that. Your profile, connections, skills endorsements  and recommendations speak for yourself. And if you and your potential costumer has a common connection, its matter of hours to close a deal because of that trust factor. 

3) Re-targeting 

In other sales channel you must create a great sales funnel to make sure you get the most return on investment. And you have to keep your audience engaged with automated email marketing series and other educational material.  In Linkedin this area is pretty much automated, you keep all the connections with yourself and they are connected with you quite naturally. 

4) Low Cost Advertising 

In linkedin you literally pay $100 a month and you have access to millions of leads. Its a low cost of advertisement. Once you create an effective lead generation strategy in Linkedin, you pay pennies for leads. Linkedin might not be suitable for most type of business but who is stopping you to try other social media channels? 

5) No Resources required

When you launch an online business. You need lot of resources including website, content, hosting etc. In Linkedin, you are getting access to a pool of potential buyers with almost spending nothing! This is the reason why linkedin is getting traction. its easy to setup and you dont need lot of resources to get started.


There might be lot of cons in social selling as well. Lets keep that to another article. I am going to write a great article on that as well.

You have to decide which path you want to take based on your resources and skill set. But even if you have resources, i’d suggest you to try Linkedin first before you jump into other channels. Weather you are hunting for a job, or trying to launch a product/services this is awesome platform to start with.

You can use both linkedin and other sales channels and the same time. Thats why lot of people are doing. if you can’t easily get distracted, just try promoting your product/services in different platforms and the same time. This helps you to tweak, test and pivot at the right time without wasting lot of resources. And only work on strategy that works for you.