How to get 99+ endorsements on linkedin

If you have 99+ Endorsements on all your LinkedIn skills, it will not only make your profile look cool, but also make your name more authoritative. The value of endorsements is considered as important factor in building networks in Linkedin. It also helps you to rank for specific keywords and skills. Since their are millions of people searching for talent across the globe using LinkedIn Skills. So if you have decent amount of endorsements, Their is a good chance that you will rank higher in LinkedIn Search Results.

 LinkedIn encourages you to endorse other people skills and get endorsements on your own skills. When the other member endorses you on Linkedin, they will be suggested to endorse specific skills such as designing, writing, blogging, etc. Once the endorsements are done, they will be listed on your profile in the section of Skills & Expertise. This section is one of the most viewed by other members. 

 What if you claim in Your LinkedIn Profile that you have 10 Years experience in Marketing and only 2 people endorse your “Marketing” Skill on Linkedin ?  That looks too bad!

 Believe it or not, the more endorsements you have, the more networking partners will be convinced to make a communication with you for many business purposes. You are probably asking “How important are endorsements in LinkedIn?”

 The answer is simple. Endorsements make your profile more authoritative. Leaving your profile without endorsements may make other people wonder about your traits and status. Endorsements indeed give value to your profile. Here are the best ways to get 99+ endorsements on Linkedin. 

  Ask your Friend to Endorse you on LinkedIn 

 In LinkedIn, you can connect to as many new people as you want. But chances are you’ll need to take more time to build ample relationship with them. While you can wait for your new contacts to leave some endorsements in your profile, you can ask your local friends to endorse your skills. They will gladly do it for you. Offer them endorse-for-endorse as a win-win solution.  

Your Friends Can Help you to get some initial Endorsements on LinkedIn

 Here are some situations wherein your friends might be convinced to endorse your skills:

  • A teacher or lecturer who have seen you shown your skills in many occasions
  •  A classmate who knows your exact skills and witness them often
  • A part-time workmate who admitted your skills
  • A client who is satisfied with your previous service
  • Your old friend who believes in you
  • Your LinkedIn group’s friend who has made contact with you several times
  • And so on…

 Anyone who has become your friend will be gladly endorsing your skills. So don’t hesitate to ask them to do you a favor. 

 Connect With LinkedIn Members Using (LION)

 Your LinkedIn network is definitely the success key in promoting you and your brand in LinkedIn. Let’s admit it. You will be more interested to meet people who have more than 500 connections and 99+ endorsements. That’s what other people think too. One of the fastest way to get more endorsements is by adding more connections on your profile. To make this work,  You need to be a LION.

LION stands for LinkedIn Open Networker. LinkedIn Open NEtworker is a LinkedIn user who is open to any connections requests. That means you will connect with anyone on LinkedIn regardless of their skills set, background, location, etc.

 You need to know that LION is not an official feature in LinkedIn. Rather, it is a term created by LinkedIn users.

It is very simple to become a LION. You simply need to write “LION” headline in your profile. People will know what that means. Then you can join LION groups and start adding people from there, or to be added. A simple Search for LION in LinkedIn will give you lot of accounts to connect with. 


Also don’t forget to ask them to endorse your skills. You can Buy Thousands of LION List here on our website.

 Send a custom message to each connection request you get and ask them to endorse your skills. 

 One of the strongest reasons why people love LInkedIn is because they can reach out and connect with strangers easily. Believe it or not, adding connection is much easier than adding stranger in Facebook. And just like other social media sites, you can send a custom message when requesting a connection with other people. Here is where the magic works. Punch few lines about your endorsing requests. Ask them whether or not their skills need to be endorsed by you. If you have no idea about what to write, you can look for free LinkedIn messages templates in the internet. Just copy and paste them in the message. Do this on daily basis. See how many people visit your profile for endorsing your skills in no time. But it comes with a catch. Not all people like to receive this kind of message.

  They will question your motives. It is natural because they don’t know you. We mentioned about LION in the previous point. Your chance is higher when you make connection requests from LION group, because most of them are same-minded people. 

  Embed your Linkedin Profile in your Website or blog. 

 One of the best ways to get quick endorsements is by linking your LinkedIn profile with your website. How to do it? You can simply add your LinkedIn badge to your website. Assuming that you make great content, your website visitors (who have linkedin account) will access your LinkedIn profile and verify your professional skills set through endorsements. 

 Adding your profile badge is very easy. First you need to login and choose your profile badge. Copy the HTML code provided by LinkedIn, paste it to your website widget / HTML element, and save. If you do it correctly, your profile badge will show up immediately.  

Watch short video below to Learn How you can add LinkedIn Badge to your Website


Buy some linkedin endorsements online that can quickly get you 99+ Endorsements on each skill 

 We’ve mentioned few methods which you can do by yourself. You may don’t have much time to do it all. Instead, you can ask someone to get you 99+ endorsements on each skill. With 99+ endorsements on each skill in your profile, your profile will definitely look stunning.  

 It is the quickest way to make an compelling profile in the LinkedIn. Thanks to the tons of endorsements, your profile will rank higher in the search result. That means more people will find you and connect to you. We at sell high quality LinkedIn Endorsements. 


 If you are really serious about getting the most of out Your Linkedin Profile. You must try to get as much as endorsements as possible. Because this makes a lot of difference. Stay Tuned! We’ll be doing some case studies which can help to understand how LinkedIn endorsements can help to increase your Ranking on Linkedin.

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