How to Increase linkedin Connections

How to Increase Linkedin Connections

We know that having 500+ LinkedIn connections makes you an awesome person. Viewers of your profile will be convinced to get in touch with you. We know this because we have seen many people are successful in building their networks in LinkedIn.

The tricky part of this social signal is that you can have a thousand connection, but still it will appear as 500+ in your profile. That’s why the incredible 500+ can be the objective that you want to consider seriously.

There are many ways to get 500+ quickly. But wait, don’t pull out. It is surprisingly easy to increase your LinkedIn connections. Even if you are new user and you have no idea how to build connections in LinkedIn, you can still make it.

Speaking about how to get over 500 linkedin connections, ,there are basically two approaches: the DIY approach, and Let Others Help You.


DIY Approach – Look Back

Use your previous network to make connections in LinkedIn. If you are like other people in your community, you will start adding your close friends, family, or your classmates.

If you have graduated, you can link to the past. Add people from your previous schools and colleges, sports clubs, internships, private groups, sorority, etc. LinkedIn can be your contact hub.

Add your connections from your email addresses or iPhone contacts. LinkedIn will automatically fetch the information so that if your friends have LinkedIn account, their names will appear. This will allow to reach out thousands people in a minute.


Don’t worry, you are still human.

LION means LinkedIn Open Networker. LinkedIn Open Net worker (s) is an open-minded community wherein people are looking for new connections regardless of their area of expertise.

LIONs which stands for LinkedIn Open Net workers is the doers of this cause. They want to grab new opportunities all over the world. That explains a lot why their profile have more than 500+ connections.

You can Quickly and easily get 500+ Linkedin Connections using LION. LION is not the original product of LinkedIn. Rather, it is the creation from bunch of same-minded people who want to increase their connections.

As a start, you can join the LION groups in LinkedIn. You can decide whether you want to be a LION or not.

If you decide to be a LION, that means you are open to all connection requests from other members. You will need to write “LION” in your profile headline or last name to be visible in the search result. You can also look for LinkedIn Open Networkers by typing “LION” in the LinkedIn search box. The results will show up and you can start adding your connections.

The quickest way to add more LIONs is to get free linkedin connections list. You can find it in many sites. It is the list contains hundreds, even thousands of LIONs email addresses. All you need to do is just download the file (usually .text, or .xls). Then copy all the email address and paste them all when you add connections by email.

Before you decide to be a LION, you need to weigh the pros and cons below.


Meet new people: Obviously. You can expand your network rapidly since many people will add you. LION basically make your profile more visible.

Can quickly get 500+ connections: The number of LIONs in LinkedIn has been increasing from day to day. We can’t also neglect the fact that having 500+ connection is very important to many people in LinkedIn.


Quantity overwhelms the quality: Assuming that you have used your free linkedin connections list, you don’t have an idea about what kind of people that will be connected with you.

With these large masses, you may find it hard to pinpoint your potential customers or work partner. You also don’t know how to sort all the connections out.

Irrelevant Connections Niche: when recruiters, employers, or headhunters check your profile, they are perhaps less convinced because many irrelevant connections stuck in your profile. They may question your motive.

Mails bomb: How many emails you can handle per day? How if you have 30,000+ connections in your LinkedIn account? Let Others Help You!
You can make 500+ connections easily by letting others help you. Here are best ways to do that

Add Your LinkedIn Profile Link in Your Email Signature
You can easily direct people from your mail contact to visit your linkedin by adding the link in your email signature. You can also use auto email reply feature to direct people to visit your link. In Gmail, for instance, you can set your vacation mode and put your LinkedIn there.

Put Linkedin Link in Your Business Cards

Your business card is essential printout. Other people will feel privileged when you give your business card to them. They will gladly add you to their network. Their are lot of service which allows you to  Turn your Linkedin Profile Into a Business Card.   






Purchase Relevant LinkedIn Connections

Contrary to the free linkedin connections list, all you get from this service is relevant LinkedIn connections in your profile.

It is the huge difference that you may look for. You can buy good quality LION list which can help you to gain thousands of connections overnight.
Now you know how to get over 500 linkedin connections. Combining all the tips above will speed up your connections building process. In no time, 500+ will appear in your profile.