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There are exclusive LinkedIn groups that only accept highly recommended members. The members network among each other due to their exclusive nature. This is one reason you should collect as many recommendations as you can!


     Lets talk about setting your networking on fire with recommendations. Whether you are trying to join exclusive groups for networking, or you are hunting for a new job, the attribute on your profile that you need most is recommendations!

                             Many LinkedIn groups only accept new members that come highly recommended. That means that you need anywhere from 20 to 100 recommendations from other LinkedIn members.


All of our recommendations come from USA based accounts, each of which has well over 300 connections. Send us your LinkedIn URL and you will receive new connection requests from 5-30 different LinkedIn members, based on the package purchased. Once you accept the connections you will see your recommendations start to blow up!



3 Simple Steps

• Send us a link to your LinkedIn account.

• We will provide you a list of linkedin profiles that we will need you to connect with in order to complete Recommendations based on the package you select.

• Please send us the text for the recommendations that you would like written about you.

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