The Pros and Cons of Linkeidn Automation

When we talk about linkedin marketing, Its a lot of work and we all love to hire VA’s and outsource the work and to most extent, automate the business so we can focus on most important stuff. But lot of people are reluctant to use automation and especially Linkedin Automation software in their business.

I understand, you dont want to risk your linkedin Account. But what if you test and tweak and come up with a strategy that is either semi automated or full automated that can bring you leads 247 365 without doing anything at all? Taking this risk is worth taking sometimes.

Who wouldn’t like to do that?

Off course everyone. But there are pros and cons of using automation tools on your Linkedin Account.  Today, we are going to study this in details.

So lets gets started.


1) Automation is great for scaling. If you want to get your linkedin prospecting to the next level. You can use software to automate your Linkedin Connections, endorsements and even customizing your intro message. Now i assume you are a one man army and imagine once you setup a software that can send invites in your behalf, initiate chats, liking other people status and even commenting on your friends status. How much more leads can you close?

2) Quality and Consistency . We all know that in manual work we always lack consistency. As a human being its quite tough to consistently work on specific task, especially repetitive work. As long as you have a clear mind set going forward with your Linkedin prospecting. You can pretty much automate lead prospecting to a good extent. And automation software is not going to get bored with work, you are going to get your work done 24/7 365 !

3) Automation will be a huge time Saver.  Time is not infinite and once you have a strategy that are bringing good amount of leads, you can use a software piece and  almost set & forget. Your most repetitive task will be handled by the automation software which is going to save you ton of time. And we always know, Time is MONEY :)

4)  Reduce Turn around time in testing new techniques. If you have to work manually, and test different techniques. You need lot of time and resources.  But if you use a software, you have a great competitor advantage because you can test strategies on scale.  For example, you want to test, how much connection requests per day is safe? Manually, you have to do everything yourself. Which is tedious task. Using a software, you can exponentially increase connection request and figure out how much requests per day are safe.


As we discussed few benefits of Linkeidn Marketing automation. There is some risks as well,  once you use software on these type of social networks you are always at risk getting your account banned.. So Lets discuss the cons of using automated software for your Linkedin Lead Generation.

1) You can get your account banned.  This is the biggest risk associated when you decide to use Linkedin automation software. After all, you are spamming and once linkedin found that this is a bot operation. They are going to take seconds to either limit your account or completely ban it.

2) Quality vs Quantity. When you use automation in Linkedin lead generation, you always compromise on quality. But your quantity gets through the roof. In Automation you trade off between quantity and quality. But some folks just want to scale up things very quickly so you have to keep in mind that one need to compromise on quality if in automation.

3) You can’t really depend on automation. You must get consistent updates. No matter how powerful your software is you are playing with one of the world largest social media site. So you need to have a consistent upgrading system that helps you to stay ahead of the game. If you are using a software, it works great for you, and the company shut down and stop to upgrade the software. you are in trouble.


We discussed the pros and cons. Now its upto you how much risk you wanna take and how much safe you want to play. As per my opinion, use both manual and automation at the in parallel. And see which one converts well for you. If you dont have time yourself. Write your strategy into steps and you can hire cheap VA’s on Upwork and Fiverr.

Lets brainstorm it, you can semi automate your Linkedin Automation as well.

Use software for Sending connection requests, initiating chat manually. And than use chat bots to always get them back to your website/lead funnel and whatever you want to send them. This is probably the best strategy for every one out there.

Now this is upto you, what task that you think are least important and time sucker, you can automate it. This is a huge decision and you must do your due diligence at your own. Once you do that and take steps to semi automate your Linkedin Lead Prospecting. You can double or even triple your revenue and profits.

Thoughts? Let me know in the comments section below.